How Do You Find A New MMO Game?

As MMO gamers we are completely spoiled for choice in today’s industry. It can sometimes feel like a new MMO game is released on a weekly basis, and another closed beta is never far off. However, some of us stick exclusively to one game, others float from new title to new title, while the rest dedicate their time to a select few MMO games.

At some point or another though, we all search for a new MMO game. Whether it’s the next big thing or an indie underdog that has caught the attention of critics, we’ve all got our own methods of searching for a new MMO. How do you do it?

Personally I usually search for new MMO games based on word of mouth and recommendations from friends. Although there are literally thousands of websites that provide the latest MMO news, they’re usually slightly biased towards developers rather than an honest approach to readers. The only issue with taking suggestions from friends and family is dependent on their game tastes, as we all look for something different in a new MMO.

Maybe you search MMO websites such as MMOAttack, websites with dozens and sometimes even hundreds of MMO games in their database. Nicely categorized, honestly covered reviews and news articles, plenty of information to make an informed decision on the next MMO of choice or you could always browse popular gaming related news sources just to get a hint of a new MMO game before doing some extra research.

So how do you look for a new MMO game and what has the heaviest impact on your decision? A jaw-dropping trailer? An honest review? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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