What Do You Look For In A Guild – MMOpinion

One of the biggest parts of playing an MMO is the social aspect.  It’s called Massively Multiplayer for a reason.  A large part of getting entrenched in an MMO world is doing so with a guild.  But not just any guild, you need to find one that matches your play-style and has people in it that you will want to spend many hours with.  

Finding a guild can be as easy as replying to someone /shouting in a large zone, or by doing research online and asking some in-game friends.  You can be as in-depth or as casual as  you want when looking for a guild, but typically you always have some sort of goal in mind when trying to figure out where you want to spend your gaming time.

So how do you go about finding out which guild you want to be in?  Do you look for a guild with a good amount of role-playing in it?  Do you want something with more of a PvP first aspect?  Is it somewhere in-between?  None of those things?  Let us know below and you could be featured on the next episode of our YouTube show ‘MMOpinion‘!

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