How Do You Socialize In MMOs – MMOpinion

Just like in real life their are many different ways that you may like to socialize in your favorite MMO games.  You may be one who likes to be a part of something large, like a guild, going on raids, forming groups and generally chatting away with the people you play with regularly on an ongoing basis.  Or you could be someone who doesn’t have the time or commitment to join a guild and generally just meets up with random players to take on dungeons or quests and then goes on their merry way.  Or perhaps you like to adventure alone and only speak with people in towns, or when you need help with a quest or dungeon.  

When it comes to socializing via games, there are many ways to go about it.  Above I mention mostly in-game group chats, but there are many of you who take part in role-playing 
servers or you don’t use in-game chat at all and prefer to use a Team Speak server, or on Skype or any number of out-of-game options to keep your group/guild/raid private but still personal.

So how do you like to socialize in MMOs?  

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