How Do You Want To Improve Your Gaming In 2013 – MMOpinion

It’s still recent enough in the new year to talk about how you want to improve.  Now most people take this in the form of a new year’s resolution, and it usually has to do with improving oneself.  Well, since we talk about games all the time i’m more interested in improving your gaming than improving yourself (although you should do that as well).  

In the spirit of the new year i’d like to talk about how you want to improve your gaming in 2013.  Maybe you are a competitive player and you want to spend more time honing your craft and playing in or winning more tournaments.  Maybe you want to join a high-end guild and really push for some server firsts or getting top level gear.  Perhaps you want to start playing MORE game or even (dare I say it) playing LESS games.

So what do you want to improve on in your gaming in 2013?