Silkroad Online – Ignite Silkroad Part 3: Undead’s Revenge

The third update for the world-renowned free to play MMORPG Silkroad Online is hitting the shelves.  Joymax just announced the latest installment of their Ignite Silkroad campaign.  The third installment brings many changes to the game that began in late 2012.  Many new features and large-scale events have been added during the past few months and players can expect much more from their favorite MMO.

This month’s update introduces a new monster called Death Bone.  For those who played last month’s raid event, you’ll recognize that Death Bone was born from the ashes of “Roc time Attack!”.  Death Bone is a massive skeleton monster with an array of powerful skills that will instantly knock players silly.  He wields a powerful claw that will mess with any players that happen to come close to it.  It is said that you must be alert and aware when fighting Death Bone.

Death Bone is probably on of the most challenging raid bosses in Silkroad Online’s history.  A full raid group at maximum level is required to take him down.  But the rewards will be all that more satisfying.  Players will be able to look forward to huge EXP gains, 13th tier equipment and a huge gold reward.

Silkroad Online continues to be one of the best fantasy MMORPGs to date and their Ignite Silkroad campaign is proving that thus far.

For more information on Silkroad Online and Death Bone be sure to visit Silkroad Online’s homepage.

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