Humble Android Bundle 2 Makes Its Way To The Humble Indie Bundle Site

Oh, Humble Indie Bundle…the time when I can get all the games for a good cause.  The Humble Android Bundle 2 is now up, with sales as of this writing at over 2700 with 14 days left.  The pay-what-you-want charity is strong, offering Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android versions of Swords and Soldiers, Canabalt, Zen Bound 2, Cogs, and Avadon, with soundtracs for Swords and Soldiers, Canabalt, and Zen Bound 2 included.  The bundle helps the Penny Arcade run Child’s Play charity and the EFF (Entertainment Frontier Foundation), a group that is dedicated to the rights both game developers and gamers themselves.  Both are great causes and I encourage you to donate some money.  It’s a good cause for some cool games!

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