IGN Leak Hints At ESO Beta Next Weekend

With less than a month until the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online some may say you were being hopeful if you were expecting another beta event but if a recent IGN leak is to be believed, you could be right. Earlier today a post was published on IGN Finland detailing the next Elder Scrolls Online beta event, including the potential starting date of March 17th. The article was taken down within seconds but that still wasn’t quite quick enough to top the Reddit community – news spreads fast!

Outside of the source itself there’s not really much evidence to support the deleted article. However, all recent beta events have taken part over the weekend so the starting date is at least feasible. Many of the players from previous beta versions also expressed disappointment at the lack of the 1.8 Update on the live servers, an update that was meant to address many critical problems such as player and NPC collision.

Sadly we’re still not certain if the community will get the opportunity to sample the update before release but we’re swaying more towards the positive side of things. Will you grab a last chance stab at the beta or are you waiting for release?

Source: Reddit

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