Industry Veterans Announce Launch Of Windows Phone MMO Fallensouls: Fire War

Miracle Games, a development studio consisting of industry veterans with past experiences in Supercell, EA and Ubisoft, today announced the global release of an exciting new Windows Phone MMORPG, Fallensouls: Fire War. Offering players an immersive and exciting MMORPG experience within a colorful and vibrant game world Fallensouls: Fire War sees players traveling through the realms as a noble human, deadly orc or a member of the mysterious undead.

[quote cite=”Michael Leader of Miracle Games”]”Fallensouls: Fire War” as our starter Windows phone product, sufficiently proves that we are optimistic about the prospects for an exception in the Windows market, we are committed to the United Kingdom before domestic market development and expansion. Until earlier this year, Microsoft officially announced the releasing of Windows10, we realized, for us this will be a great opportunity. So five months later, we officially released the first Windows platform product “Fallensouls: Fire War”. With virtue of the unique new screen design, fantastic game plot and impressive atmosphere, it can be outstanding among other games. It allows players to enjoy the excitement and joy of victory in the battle[/quote]

For more information on game features & details, check out the official Facebook page.

Source: Press Release

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