Open World MMORPG Project Genom Enters Early Access

Project Genom, the highly anticipated open-world exploration MMO from Neuronhaze, today entered its first phase of Early Access for those that pledged their support during the fundraising period of development. Project Genom is the first open world MMORPG game to be developed on Unreal Engine 4, promising players breathtaking visuals alongside cutting-edge gaming mechanics and innovative MMORPG inspired features.

Previously the game world had already been expanded upon 16 times and today’s Early Access release also marks the debut of an entirely new leveling system. Designed to offer more freedom and versatility when leveling the new system allows players to manipulate their internal organs to gain access to new and improved stats and abilities. Whether you choose to remain entirely human, become part synthetic or undergo a complete genetic modification to become a mutant, the path you choose is entirely up to you.

The developers offered additional insight into the new leveling system with highlighted points listed below:


  • Every organ system opens access to active and passive skills for a human, a mutant or a synthetic. But to get these skills, a player needs to invest certain points.
  • These points are accumulated when installing a particular implant that a player will be able to develop and replace, gaining more points and, thus, more skills.
  • Besides, there will be diseases in the game. When traveling around the world, every player may catch a disease. It affects an organ and begins to gradually block active and passive skills dependent on this organ, putting different effects on a character. If you can’t find a cure, the disease will progress, affecting more organs, which can eventually destroy the whole organism.


For more information head to the official website.

Source: Press Release

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