Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is a free to play MOBA from Turbine that gives players a chance to use their favorite superheroes from the DC Multiverse in a fast paced arena styled combat game.  Use the most iconic DC heroes like Batman, Spiderman, The Green Lantern, Catwoman and more to take out your opponent!

There are many options out there in terms of MOBAs and while they all offer a similar base-style of gameplay, what Infinite Crisis does differently is creates an evolving story crafted in collaboration with DC Entertainment.  Throughout the game you will discover new characters inspired by the worlds of the DC Multiverse as you confront the shadowy force that threatens to destroy you.  Every battle counts as you team up with other players to determine your fate and gain rank through each and every battle to determine who is the best.  

Another unique addition to Infinite Crisis that other MOBAs cannot lay claim to is their destructible environments.  Players are actually able to grab items from the surrounding area like cars or walls and use them to your advantage.  Want a quicker route to the enemy?  Destroy a wall to make sure your team can gank them from behind.  But be careful, that wall is now permanently destroyed and the enemy can also use it to their advantage.  With a deep roster of heroes already included, and the inclusion of many more as the game gets updated, Infinite Crisis has something to offer both hardcore DC fans and fans of the MOBA genre.

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