Innovative New Indie MOBA Hits Steam

Lightbulb Crew today announced the beginning of their Kickstarter funding campaign efforts for the upcoming, innovative MOBA game, Games of Glory. The game offers a persistent science-fiction universe that promises to deliver on the high expectations of the increasingly popular MOBA genre alongside a plethora of unique features and ideas that ensure a fresh experience for even the most hardcore of MOBA players.

There are a number of elements that combine to separate Games of Glory from other games in the genre. There’s an exchangeable weapons feature that allows each of the in-game characters to utilize different weaponry in combat, potentially offering 50 different combinations for a single character. The stagnant areas players are used to experiencing are also a thing of the past with dynamic environments that change and develop based on player interaction.

Outside of the unique in-game mechanics, Games of Glory also embodies a sports-like infrastructure that allows players to join Clubs and become a star player, coach or Club President. The developers are also going to new lengths to attempt to fix the infamous toxicity experienced by the average MOBA player with several mechanics that enforce responsible and positive play from players.

Source: Kickstarter

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