Inventory & Looting Targets Of Latest Escape From Tarkov Video

Creators of the upcoming hardcore survival shooter, Escape from Tarkov, today released a brand new video as Battlestate Games introduce their eager community to the inventory and loot system in a brand new video. Escape from Tarkov will utilize a classical slot-based inventory system, as shown in the pre-alpha in-game footage released today.

As well as managing items within a familiar inventory system Battlestate Games also took the time to demonstrate to players the current looting system and mechanics that are in place. It’s great to see developers utilizing realistic storage areas for loot, such as the trunk of a car, and the lengthy process of searching a body will likely remove the problem of hit and run kills within large group vs group scenarios.

Escape from Tarkov - Inventory & Looting Sneak Peek

Source: Press Release

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