Unchained Update Revealed As Warlock Prepares To Invade Blade & Soul

NCSoft today announced that they are working on the release for a brand new update for Blade & Soul titled Unchained, an update that is expected to launch next month and introduce a brand new class, the Warlock. The Unchained update, the second since the games launch last month, is expected to launch on March 2nd in both Europe and North America.

Upon release the Jin and Lyn races will be able to utilize the new Warlock class alongside two brand new challenging environments for players to explore including the Naryu Labyrinth dungeon and Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower. Naryu Labyrinth will offer players difficult Heroic dungeon content for groups of 4 and 6 players, featuring a dynamic 3-stage encounter that promises to test the combat prowess of even the most skilled of players.

The new single-player Heroic encounter Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower, will task players to take down the ethereal manifestation of Mushin. For more information check out the official website.

Source: Press Release

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