Is Dark Souls headed for a PC release?

Demon’s Souls was one of those cult hits that managed to pick up a very devoted following. Many hardcore gamers saw it as a breath of fresh air; a game that relishes its punishing difficulty and seems to take enjoyment in killing its own players is nearly unheard of these days when game-long handholding seems to be the norm. Miraculously, this PS3-exclusive managed to sell enough to get a follow-up in the form of Dark Souls, this time releasing on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.
Now it looks like PC players will get a chance to experience the game’s unique brand of asymmetric multiplayer and crushing difficulty that is the series’ trademark first hand: in the upcoming April edition of Australian PC gaming magazine PC PowerPlay reportedly features a full-page ad showing only the iconic “YOU DIED” message that is so frequently encountered in the game. We won’t know for sure until the mag comes out or we get an official announcement from developer From Software, but this coupled with a cryptic message on the Dark Souls Facebook page ( certainly makes it seem like this is all a done deal.

So, console folks, should PC players get excited about this one? Will it be worth the wait?

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