Is Single Player a Gimmick – MMOpinion

A recent article from GameIndustry International explains how Jonas Antonsson, CEO of Gogogic, regards the single player component of a game as nothing more than a “gimmick”. He believes that single player developed out of limitations of online technology in the industry’s earlier years and that people have a natural desire and preference to play with others: not alone.

Personally, I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, I love the occasional Halo or Assassin’s Creed online match, but in general, I buy games for the single player campaign because I love being immersed in a good story. If a game shipped with no single player features in any regard, I don’t think I could commit to it. It would just feel incomplete.

Plus, if what Antonsson says is true, then Bethesda (with titles such as Dishonored, Skyrim and Fallout) would, by definition, be the biggest gimmick company of the industry — and we all know that ain’t the truth.

So, what do you think, campaign: gimmick, or necessity?

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