Best Online TCG Trading Card Games

Online trading card games are great. The amount of strategy involved in the games is just such a thrill and keeps us coming back again and again. Not to mention all the cool cards that there are to collect. Figuring out which strategies work best against certain enemies and which cards give just the right power-up and enhancement at certain times during the match is just so thrilling. So we decided to put together a list of the best trading card games, so you can enjoy the thrill of the game, just as much as we do.

[heading]5. BloodRealm[/heading]

BloodRealm is a collectible card game where players will build custom decks of incredibly detailed heroes and monsters and battle opponents to the death.

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[heading]4. Clash of the Dragons[/heading]

Clash of the Dragons is a free to play browser-based trading card game. The game borrows elements from a traditional RPG and adds a new spin as a fantasy TGC.

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[heading]3. Eredan[/heading]

Eredan is a social fantasy themed online trading card game MMO. Players compete against each other to become the ultimate warrior. Your goal is to duel other players using your magical deck of cards.

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[heading]2. Tyrant[/heading]

War Metal: Tyrant is a new online trading card game (TCG) that is set in a battle scene that revolves around the future and a hi-tech warfare. Compared with other similar titles on Facebook like Magic: The Gathering Tactics, which takes the concept from the classic physical collectible card games and turns them into a turn-based SLG system, Tyrant comes closer to mimic the gameplay of an authentic trading card game than any of its competitors.

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[heading]1. Carte[/heading]

Experience a game changing online trading card game packed with a first of its kind gameplay and thousands of cards to learn, play and master! Create endless strategies with an arsenal of spells and creatures to conquer and humiliate your opponents. Carte features an easy to learn system and user friendly interface for beginners and TCG enthusiasts alike.

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Gather your cards and get playing!

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