It’s Survival Of The Fittest In New Ark: Survival Evolved Mode

Studio Wildcard today announced an exciting livestreaming event on Twitch.TV that will see the developers reveal an exciting new game mode addition for the critically acclaimed dinosaur survival title, Ark: Survival Evolved. Be sure to tune into Twitch.TV on August 1st as 35 teams will collide in the new Survival of the Fittest battle mode, competing for a variety of fantastic prizes and cash rewards.

Studio Wildcard’s very own Kayd Hendriks will be on hand alongside Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez from Twitch to host a 5 hour marathon covering the tournament and the debut of Survival of the Fittest from San Francisco in the Twitch HQ.

The teams will compete in the Hunger Games style deathmatch in a fight to the lone survivor for a chance to claim a massive $20,000 grand prize alongside gear from various sponsors including Logitech, Gunnar Optiks and more.

Twitch viewers will have the opportunity to get directly involved as the team hosts Evolution Event polls every 30 minutes, allowing the Twitch community to directly impact the tournament with various world-altering sequences such as freak weather changes, supply drops and dinosaur assaults.

Source: Press Release

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