The Night Mother Plans To Make Her Mark In The Elder Scrolls Online

QuakeCon’s in full swing and developers are pulling out all the stops wow those in attendance, including Zenimax Online Studios, the team behind The Elder Scrolls Online, with an unexpected announcement surrounding future DLC packs. Its only been a short while since the team unveiled the first paid expansion update for the award-winning MMO, offering the warriors of Tamriel the chance to come together and fight to reclaim the legendary Imperial City.

According to new information revealed at this years QuakeCon event the Imperial City DLC is the first of a quarterly set of updates, introducing 4 new DLC packs to the hungry community over the next year. Little information was given but we have been told that one of the DLC packs focusing on the Thieves Guild will be titled Orsinium.

More excitingly, at least for a blood hungry assassin like myself, is the announcement of another DLC pack that will focus on the intriguing world of The Night Mother and her Dark Brotherhood.
Further information is expected to come to light in coming months but if nothing else, the thought of The Dark Brotherhood having a serious impact on the ESO experience has me drooling at the mouth.

Source: Press Release

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