Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is a 3D Asian fantasy MMORPG with a martial arts theme. Much of the geography and mythical monsters in Jade Dynasty are based on Chinese legend which gives the game a unique feel. All players start as initiates but must chose between five factions, each with its own fighting style.Jade Dynasty is the third MMORPG to be published by Perfect World International. Like their previous titles, Jade Dynasty has an oriental setting. Much of the game?s environments and monsters are borrowed from Chinese mythology, which help it stand out from the crowd of fantasy games.

New players in Jade Dynasty do not select a class right away, but must wait until level 15 to chose between the five factions. The five factions are Jadeon a ranged damage dealer, Skysong a healing and buffing class, Vim a tanking class, Lupin which are rogues, Modo an offensive spell caster, Balo a melee class and Arden an archery class which can summon pets.

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