Japanese MMO M2 Accidentally Deleted

The new MMO game M2 was put in its final resting place before it came to full fruition. M2?s Japanese game studio, Sankando, said ?integral code? was accidentally deleted from the database and was not backed up, leaving the game permanently non-functioning. On November 10, the servers for M2 were officially shut down.

In the meantime, the developer is offering non-specific compensation to any players that happened to purchase premium content available in the game. This is an incredible story, and it?s almost impossible to believe that a developer would be so careless as to keep all of their information in one delicate location.

Some people speculate that the accident wasn?t very accidental, and was actually a way to kill the project before it lost any money. But those are just rumors. Either way, this shows how important multiple off-site backups for game code and content are. Of course, this information will likely bring little comfort to players that have already committed significant game time to the title, and who are now left hanging in the balance. One thing?s for sure ? Sankando is going to have a tough time in the future with launching new free MMOs.

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