EVE Online Monument Damaged

EVE Online, CCP?s space flight MMO has always had it?s post-launch lore directed by player actions, but sometimes those can turn negative.

This past June, the community reacted negatively to some development changes CCP was doing with microtransactions and protested in trade hubs by attacking monuments in the game.  One such monument was the Jita Monument.

Now, the developers have re-done the monument to appear destroyed as a permanent testament to the ?Summer Riot? and changed it?s plaque to read:  “This was once a memorial to the winners of a riddle contest sponsored by late entrepreneur Ruevo Aram. After standing proud for half a decade, it was destroyed in late YC113 by capsuleers who were staging a mass uprising against an intolerable status quo of intergalactic affairs. Today, the ruins of this once-great work of art stand as a testament to the fact that change is the universe’s only constant.”

CCP?s support for their fan community, even in times of revolt, shows their love for those who support them and is a really great treat for other developers to follow.  The monument should be added to the main server on November, when the Crucible expansion releases.

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