John Smedley Defends Curt Schilling And Amalur MMO

Former Red Sox star and the Founder of 38 Studios Curt Schilling continues his battle with Rhode Island State following a $75 million for the Project Copernicus MMO but has recently received some morale support from Everquest developer, John Smedley.

According to John Smedley, Schilling approached Sony Online Entertainment for funding on multiple occasions but the award-winning MMO developers declined to offer financial aid due to the expense of the project.

Smedley also went on to blame Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee’s comment, calling the IP “junk”, as a reason behind the games failure to sell.

“The quality was undeniable. It was gorgeous. It had smart people working on it. It was just too expensive is all,” Smedley said. “The idea of suing someone when Chaffe’s own comments were what poisoned
the well at the end is beyond the pale,” Smedley said, later calling
Chafee an “idiot.” “All [Chaffee] had to do was give Curt another week
and we wouldn’t be here today.”

The situation surrounding the bankruptcy of 38 Studios is expected to come to a close tomorrow when the Rhode Island House votes to encourage a settlement outside of court.

Source: GameSpot

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