Juggernaut Reveal For Merc Elite

Following the recent reveals of the Recon and Tactician classes, Bigpoint have today released another class video for Merc Elite featuring the Juggernaut. The latest class to join the ever expanding roster for the upcoming MOBA title will give players the opportunity to bring the fight to the enemy.

The Juggernaut class is a close-quarters specialist that is able to dish out large amounts of damage with powerful blows from a shotgun while withstanding almost any type of oncoming fire with the powerful Augmented Shield ability. The Juggernaut also has 2 unique stuns in the form of the short-range AoE Authority, and a medium-range single target stun with the Bola Shot.

A mix of powerful crowd-control, tough defensive abilities and short-range damage makes the Juggernaut one of the most feared foes on the battlefield. For more information watch the video below.


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