Rockstar Compensating GTA Online Players

Rockstar are continuing to enjoy the massive success of Grand Theft Auto V but the free online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto Online, has yet to experience such success. The game released at the start of this month but was practically unplayable for the first week due to a vast array of technical problems. Following the somewhat delayed fix of these issues players then struggled with cloud server errors and the loss of characters and progress.

Efforts have been made to minimize the chances of losing your character or progress but Rockstar have yet to implement a perfect fix. Today they announced their plans to compensate the frustrated player-base with an injection of cool, hard cash.

Every player that has played Grand Theft Auto Online during October will be given two separate deposits of $250,000 (in-game cash). All that players are expected to do is download an update planned for next week.

Personally I find this horrific. Recent patches have fixed leveling exploits and cash farms creating an uneven balance between old and new players however, it would have made more sense to wipe everyone than give everyone a ton of cash; that is of course depending on Rockstar’s content update plans. Will such a big injection of cash have a negative impact on an already broken economy? Does Rockstar have the content they need to satisfy higher level players? Only time will tell.

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