Kabam signs desktop platform agreement

Thirst of Night
Social game publisher and developer Kabam just announced a partnership with CNET’s Download.com and Pokki developer SweetLabs.  This partnership is designed to bring many of Kabam’s games to desktop computers without the need for a web browser.

As part of the agreement, a number of Kabam’s games are now available to download and play through the Pokki desktop games platform, including The Godfather: Five Families, Edgeworld, Thirst of Night and Dragons of Atlantis.

Up to this point, all of Kabam’s games have only been available to play through a web browser. This agreement marks the first time Kabam’s various titles have been available to download.

Kabam hopes to reach “potentially millions of users” through the partnership by offering its games to a new range of players that it has not yet aimed its games at.

“The partnership with Download.com and Pokki allows us not only to reach large numbers of new players but to enhance our games by enabling even higher retention and ‘stickiness’ because of the Pokki app’s unique qualities,” explained Chris Carvalho, COO of Kabam.

Kabam already revealed a big-name partnership earlier this month, when it signed an agreement with indie game portal Kongregate that will see the studio bringing a number of its games to the popular browser-gaming website.

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