Knight’s Fable Walkthrough – Leveling and PvP Guide

Knight’s Fable, a browser based MMORPG from GTArcade, is a game that largely plays out by itself. The main quest line holds your hand to a severe degree with your character auto-traveling to various areas on the map, quest NPCs clearly marked with icons and battles being fought without any player influence. It primarily serves as a game for players who are looking for a decent story without any serious commitment or engagement.

Despite Knight’s Fable‘s hands-off approach to gameplay, players still need to learn a wide variety of mechanics if they hope to excel in PvP or truly dominate in battles. Though the game guides you very carefully through the story quests, it leaves upgrades and dungeons largely up to the player. Like in most games, your character level is an important number in determining status and progression, but it’s your overall BR (the accumulation of all factors of your character and team) that ultimately determines your success in battle so it’s important to keep that number rising as you progress. With our Knight’s Fable Leveling and PvP Guide, we’ll provide our top tips to keep in mind for improving your character’s level and team BR:

[heading]Questing[/heading]This one is a no-brainer and it’s bound to be the route from which many of you will progress the most. As mentioned, it’s a questing system that largely plays out automatically — a few clicks towards your next destination are typically as involved you’re ever going to get. While it’s not wholly engaging, the boost in experience, silver and loot is pretty significant.

[heading]Hell Dungeons[/heading]Hell Dungeons unlock at level 18 and (outside of questing) are the most effective way of gaining more XP, silver and loot. Multiple dungeons are available for you to solo and each one can be completed multiple times per day for free (up to 15 dungeons daily). There is no penalty for death, so don’t be afraid to attack new dungeons. If you come across a fight that is beyond your BR, just back out and start again to re-fight the early monsters, or drop down to an easier dungeon

As you complete hell dungeons, you also acquire Hell Gems which can be exchanged for weapons and other wearables.

[heading]Battle Shrine[/heading]The Battle Shrine is Knight’s Fable’s PvP area. When you enter the area, you’ll be surrounded by select other players with whom you can battle. Starting out, you’ll be out-ranked by many of the other players but you’ll likely to have one or two other players that you can take on. But don’t avoid a fight just because you’re going to lose! While winning is obviously the preferred outcome, awarding 10 glory points per win, a loss still awards you 5 glory. Glory can be traded in for items like silver and prestige.

[heading]Jobs[/heading]Complete jobs to earn more silver and experience. A variety of jobs present themselves and can vary from minigames to performing small tasks. There is a cooldown for refreshing tasks which can be bypassed with gold.

[heading]Upgrade Skills and Equipment[/heading]A lot of good loot is acquired as you progress through the Knight’s Fable main quest and dungeons. Keep an eye on your inventory for new equipment, weapons or wearables that you acquire and compare to that which you are currently wearing. Swap as necessary and sell the excess for some extra silver.

Skills are another area of the game that is easy to overlook because it you’re not specifically told to concern yourself with them. None-the-less, between quests, take some time to assign new skills to the skill bar and to upgrade each as you see fit. You can only upgrade skills using wisdom a fixed number of times before a cooldown timer prevents you from doing more. You can pay gold to eliminate the timer, or just run it down and continue upgrading later.

[heading]Train Beasts[/heading]Training your beasts for battle is hugely important. Beasts are strong additions for your team and with proper upgrading can add massive amounts of BR. After a beast is acquired you can use your silver to explore and find more stones which can in turn be used for upgrades.

Unlocking new slots or exchanging your beast, depending on how many fragments you have, is your opportunity to find a better, more powerful beast. Continue to explore as you level up to unlock more fragments.

[heading]Stardust[/heading]Stardust is acquired from killing monsters in hell dungeons and in quests. When the purple meter fills, you can upgrade your star level which causes your base stats to increase, you gain access to better skills, you can train your heroes harder and you get stronger beasts.

[heading]Upgrade Party[/heading]You can have up to three members in your party plus your beast. You’ll come across new members throughout quests at various bars. Each new member has different stats that can affect how they fight or which monster they attack first. Be sure to mix and match to create an ideal fighting force.

[heading]Upgrade Soul[/heading]Soul allows you to give a boost to your equipment slots (weapon, helmet, etc.) Note that this performance boost is applied to your character, not just the one currently being used so these are important upgrades to keep in mind. Each upgrade costs silver but the improved performance is typically money well spent in battle.

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Of course, there are many other ways to boost your BR and character level throughout Knight’s Fable. These are just the methods that we happened to find most effective when starting out. If you have other means of boosting your team, let us know in the comments below and we’ll incorporate that into the Knight’s Fable Leveling and PvP Guide.

Please note: Not all of the features mentioned above are available from the start, with many of them unlocking around level 15 and beyond (leveling is a fairly quick process so it won’t take long to get into everything). As this is a free-to-play game, many features are limited by a cooldown after a certain amount of use. You are always welcome to pay money to purchase in-game gold, though it is by no means a requirement.

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