League of Legends: Top Played Champions June 2014

League of Legends continues its domination at the top of the free-to-play MOBA charts and with the upcoming World Finals this September, the community is more hyped than ever. Last months rankings saw Baum make an impressive debut alongside the returning dominance of Lee Sin, but what surprises has June got in store? Check out the top played League of Legends Champions for this month below.

Blitzcrank had a fantastic start to the year with a 2014 debut at rank 4 in January but the Steam Golem has since lost favor with the League of Legends community, failing to come close to his January achievement and falling down the ranks yet again. Despite entering this months listings at rank 10, it’s still a slight improvement for Blitzcrank as following a succession of mid-table finishes he disappeared from sight last month before just about managing to make an appearance in June.

Vayne was a little late to the race this year, failing to make her debut in 2014’s top played League of Legends Champions until March – even then she only managed to rank in 8th place. April saw the Night Hunter Tumble from sight yet again before securing her highest finish of the year in May at rank 4. It seems a return to poor form is on the horizon for Vayne yet again as she struggles to make any serious impact in June, sitting in a lowly 9th place.

Braum is out to prove a point this month as the Heart of the Freljord demonstrates that the newly released flavor of the month success he enjoyed in May wasn’t a one-off. Sadly however he wasn’t able to improve on this debut finish of 8th place, making his second ever appearance in as many months with another low finish. Despite his impressive debut it’s unlikely Braum will maintain a spot next month as players prepare for the upcoming World Finals – an event that rarely sees the newer Champions involved at all.

Caitlyn enjoyed a moderately successful campaign in 2013 but sadly it seems the League of Legends community have grown tired of her increasingly dull moveset, making the change to newer and more in-depth Champions that have more to offer on the battlefield. That being said, Caitlyn continues her sporadic appearances of 2014 with yet another random mid-table finish this month after struggling to maintain a spot in May, barely clinging to 9th place in the rankings.

The only Champion to make his debut appearance in June and also one of the only newly released Champions that failed to make any real impact during his month of release last year. It seems Lucian has finally captured the hearts of the League of Legends community as the Purifier explodes into the rankings in a respectable 6th place. His powerful combination of AD and AP abilities make him a deadly opponent in Summoner’s Rift but the complexity of builds available to him appear to alienate many of the League community from his allegiance. Does June mark a brighter future for the Purifier or was it a simple fluke?

I wish Nidalee would just stop appearing. If nothing else it demonstrates my complete lack of creativity. Nonetheless the infamous Bestial Huntress makes another impressive appearance this month, claiming the 5th spot amidst some seriously stiff competition. Nidalee appears to have left her rocky 2014 start behind her as the maintains a spot in our top 10 list for the 3rd consecutive month. Sadly she couldn’t match her 3rd place finishes of April and May but a mid-table appearance is still a good sign that Nidalee’s popularity is more than a simple monthly boost.

Despite looking like a Garo from the Legend of Zelda, and carrying a massive street lamp of death and doom, his ability on the battlefield cannot be denied as Grandmaster at Arms continues his appearances in 2014. Jax suffered a late start to the year failing to make his debut appearance until April 2014. Since then he has endured several low rank finishes before returning to rankings of yesteryear with a 4th place finish in June but can he keep it up as we approach the final half of 2014?

The Chain Warden has defied all logic in his 2014 campaign for popularity as once again Thresh enjoys what appears to be another random boost in popularity, taking 3rd place and enjoying his highest rank finish since April. Despite the lack of any large changes to his mechanics, Thresh has been dancing up and down the rankings since January, ranking everywhere from 2nd to 10th and anywhere in-between. As the months roll by and his appearances continue the chance of random luck being the reason begins to dwindle but one thing is certain, Thresh is making waves on Summoner’s Rift.

Yasuo wasted no time in stamping his mark on the world of League as the Unforgiven had a great start following his release in December. February saw Yasuo secure his highest finish to date as he exploded into the 2nd place spot but subsequent months were not as kind gradually decreased in rankings before disappearing completely in April. May offered a small ray of hope to Yasuo fans as he returned to take 7th place before climbing further in June and securing a very impressive 2nd place finish.

Lee Sin continues to demonstrate his prowess on the battlefield as the Blind Monk secures his 4th top spot finish of 2014. Lee Sin first entered the League of Legends scene way back in March of 2004 and at that time, was only the second ever Champion to feature more than the standard 4 abilities. Since that time the Blind Monk has endured more nerfs than Call of Duty’s infamous FAMAS but continues to display his dominance on the battlefield as the most successful Champion of 2013 continues with much of the same in 2014.

Another top spot finish for Lee Sin and an exciting debut from Lucian to boot. With the exciting build up to this years World Finals in full swings, will coming months see this months Champions disappear in favor of those chosen in competitive play or will the superstars of the eSports world stick with what they know best? Check back next month to find out.

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