Kingdom Online

Kingdom Online is an upcoming free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by NTT Games for PC. The game features core MMORPG gameplay with a mix of strategy; players can manage territories by upgrading forts, recruiting mercenaries to conquer resource areas on the world map. Kingdom Online is a community driven MMORPG set in the world of Volcan, a medieval realm where players are compelled to create alliances with other players online in order to rise to power.

Beta testing for Kingdom Online: A Blood Pledge began on Tuesday, November 25th for registered NTTGame users. This initial testing period closed on December 8th, however there will be other opportunities for players to get into the game and check out this new MMORPG.

Kingdom Online will feature four classes from the get-go which include:
Warrior / Arakan – Used by those who prefer close-ranged combat, Arakans are strong and brutal warriors wielding one-handed or two-handed swords and shields.
Rogue / Silvakul – Nimble in melee combat, Silvakul people are agile warriors capable of inflicting damage with their daggers and bow.
Wizard / Plubia – Plubians are weak in close combat, but are capable of dealing devastating magical damage once they get some distance from their opponents.
Cleric / Mesena – Mesena people are natural healers with a set of combat skills to defend themselves.

Additional Kingdom Online Features:
Dominate the “War Map” – Players can engage in strategic battles to occupy forts owned by rival players online.
Manage your personal territory – Players can upgrade buildings in an occupied fort to enhance its fortification, raise an army composed of minions, cavalry and siege weapons. Players can expand their territories by waging wars in team or solo battles.
PVP Zones – Aside from the massive battles, players can choose to join a faction and participate in 1v1 duels.
In-depth skills enhancement – Collect over 300 upgradable “Ere stones” to enhance your attacks. Collecting 5 “Ere stones” of the same class grants the user an ultimate skill.

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