Knight Age Gets Its Second Major Update

JoyMax, a leading online game developer and publisher, unveiled the second major update to the fantasy MMORPG, Knight Age. The update is set to arrive next week, and it will be called Siege Warfare. This update will add a new dimension to the gameplay and it will also present a new PvP challenge for those who wish to pursue it.

Siege Warfare is an immense PvP battle between the Order of the Knights (Guilds) as a they try and take over a castle. This is supposed to be the most intense PvP experience that Knight Age has offered to date. The weekly battles take place every Sunday and the leaders of the Orders must pool their gold resources together to be eligible for the fight and to gain a certain position. There will be bids for these positions and the highest ?bidder? will win the closest spot to the castle.

Players are to earn as many points as possible within an hour in order to win. To earn points, players need to touch the Crystal and the longer they keep in contact with the Crystal, the more points they are awarded. It is similar to the concept of King of the Hill.

The ultimate reward for winning the Siege is becoming the Lord of Tintagel Castle. All of the members of the winning Order of Knights are given access to the fortress. The leader is able to control all of the taxes that are placed on the people in the Knight Age world. They can increase or lower taxes and item prices however they so choose. Within the castle there is also an exclusive merchant who cannot be found anywhere else in the kingdom. They sell the high level items found only inside this castle. The rewards can help you with the next Siege Warfare where the castle is once again neutral territory.

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