Soul of Guardian giving away free Flawless Lucky Runes

Back in 1492, Christopher Columbus set foot on the new world, which today we call the Americas. In honor of this courageous explorer and his fellow travelers, Soul of Guardian, one of the most popular MMORPG?s, hosted by WSGame, is giving away Flawless Lucky Runes.

A Flawless Lucky Rune can increase the equipment enhancement success rate, and can also be sold at the SOG Item Mall for 33 Gold. In order to get the gift, a player needs to enhance any piece of their equipment and post the screenshot on the SOG forum.

“Soul of Guardian is a free browser-based Action Role Playing game released on March 16, 2012. Set in a hybrid fantasy world, it has four classes for players to choose from. Character classes are Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard, to be distinguished by their respective class speciality. Have fun in SOG – the latest, most played RPG of 2012!”

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