Knight Age – New Training Update Arrives

Today marks the release of the latest expansion for the free mounted combat MMORPG Knight Age, Rider’s Training. The update is now live across all Knight Age servers and it introduces high-stakes horse racing using the games most innovative feature, the mounts.

Unlike other recent updates the horse racing isn’t placed on any schedule, meaning players can jump straight into the action whenever they please. There’s a simple in-game interface, prompting players to join the waiting list before entering the races. Each race can support up to 5 different players and begins 30 seconds after a queue has been filled. If you’re a Knight Age player you’re probably familiar with riding across the planes, destroying every monster in your path. But Rider Training is a little different as players are rewarded for dodging enemies and avoiding a large variety of environmental hazards such as falling debris, puddles, stepping stones and more.

The first player that crosses the finish line within the allotted time wins a special gift box that contains random valuable items. The top 3 players all collect some goodies but if you’re after the real treasures, you’ll want to grab pole position.

Accompanying this new update is a special event running until April 2nd. The event, with the slightly unimaginative title of ?Talk to Trainer Slafe at Yan Village, Green Shores Village or Port City Amarath”, offers players the opportunity to win a new pet, some potions and for a lucky few, a Golden Carrot.

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