Scarlet Blade – 80vs80 Cut-Throat PvP Detailed

Aeria Games have just released some new information and a brand new trailer detailing the intense PvP in their upcoming mature MMORPG, Scarlet Blade. This latest announcement proves that Scarlet Blade will provide players with a little more than eye candy, with three unique PvP modes available.

Two of the PvP game modes depend on the in-game faction system. Players can pledge their allegiance to either the Royal Guards or the Free Knights, with both factions gaining access to different areas and progression routes. Arguably the least exciting aspect of the PvP system are 1v1 duels, an average feature in the MMORPG world, but Scarlet Blade has far more to offer.

The futuristic ruins of Earth provides players with massive amounts of territories to conquer, but there’s a catch. At any time there can be up to 80 players opposing your faction, promising intense battles across the game world. Players that prefer a less anarchic approach to PvP can enjoy 30v30 PvP on different instanced battlefields. Two battlefields will be available at launch and Aeria Games have said that future battlefields will support even larger numbers.

The final area of PvP is the massive open-world zone, Caergate. Unlike instanced battlefields Caergate will give players a unique experience thanks to the freedom of exploration. As well as avoiding other characters and factions Caergate is also home to massive raid-like bosses that provide some of the best loot in the game, but you’ll have to beat the opposing faction to that final blow.

For more information on this highly anticipated MMORPG title you can check out Kirk’s Scarlet Blade’s hands-on preview and our video interview with Diana Hsu

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