Knight Age – Ringing In The New Year

Today Joymax announced a bevy of surprise events for their breakout fantasy MMORPG Knight Age.  The events will begin on January 15th and will include such activities as battling alongside the GM or seeking hidden Pupa eggs.  The events are one way that Knight Age is hoping to entice players to try out their great MMORPG title for the new year.  

Let’s dig in to some of the details for the events shall we?  The “Search for the Hidden Boss Pupa Egg” is an event that will surely be tackled by many a player.  Boss Pupa Eggs are a rare drop that are only found by beating dungeon bosses.  But, during this event there is more than just the one way to get one of these rare eggs.  Random Boss Pupa Eggs will be placed across the field in Grey Shores of Oblivion once a day, so player will need to get an eye out in order to be able to snag one.  

Another event will be fighting alongside a GM.  In this event you will get to hunt down the field boss Helpache with one of the all-mighty GMs.  Helpache is openly known for being a rather difficult monster to beat, but with that challenge, usually drops some awesome loot for players.  If you are able to join with the GM and take down Helpache, be sure to snag a screenshot for a chance to win extra rewards.

I’m sure there will be more events upcoming for Joymax and Knight Age, so be sure to check out their main website for more information.

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