Knight Age – Surprise Events Heading To Mounted Combat MMO

Previously known for their oriental MMO, Silkroad Online, Knight Age is quickly becoming the new flagship MMO for developers Joymax. Earlier today they announced an exciting variety of events heading to the ever-growing mounted combat MMORPG, beginning tomorrow January 15th. Some of the highlights include fighting alongside in-game GM’s or searching out hidden Pupa eggs that have been scattered across the game world.

Search for the Hidden Boss Pupa Egg

Boss Pupa Eggs are one of the most sought after items in the game. Usually only found after killing some of the most difficult dungeon bosses in the game, this exciting new event will introduce new ways to find these highly coveted Pupa eggs. Players will be encouraged to explore the Grey Shores of Oblivion as eggs will be placed randomly in the zone once per day. Joymax have warned players will have to keep a keen eye as it’s on a first come, first served basis.

Hunt Down Helpache with GM

Helpache is considered by many as the most popular field boss in the game. Known for the high risk, high reward, approach; this towering beast has defeated many an adventurer in its time. The second of these exciting events will give players the opportunity to fight alongside an all-mighty GM for an hour each day, with extra rewards offered for the best screenshot taken during combat.

Display of Guilds

The final event announced is based on player submissions and will reward the winning guild with a bounty of coins and exciting items. Display of Guilds challenges players to take a guild screenshot, or a piece of fan-art, and submit it to the Knight Age Facebook page.

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