Knights Fable Goes Into Open Beta

Today begins the Open Beta period for GTArcade’s brand new browser MMORPG Knight’s Fable.  Knight’s Fable features many of the features that MMORPG players love, including an expansive loot system, opportunities for rare and epic gear, gems and heroes, an array of trainable beasts of the ever popular PvP arena.  “We’re confident that Knight’s Fable will be a success.”
Said Frances Sun, Product Manager for Knight’s Fable. “Players can train heroes
and beasts, and then use them together in battle alongside their main
character. Many MMORPG’s only offer the opportunity to level up a single
character. ”

In the game you will be able to raid dungeons and pillage the land in search of loot, while you recover ancient gear to piece together equipment sets with some crazy bonuses.  You’ll also be able to insert rare gems into your gear for added stat upgrades.  The game also gives you the ability to capture and train wild beasts to fight alongside you.  The beasts all have their own unique skills, auras and stats, and you’ll be able to use them to your adventure in battle.  In addition, you can visit taverns around the realm to recruit different heroes that also posses their own skills, stats and special abilities.  The ability to create your own battle party is one of the best features of Knight’s Fable.

Players can sign up for the Open Beta by visiting the Knight’s Fable website.  You can also get a code in our giveaways section to get you some great starting items to help you in your journey through the game.

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