League of Legends: Top Played Champions May 2014

League of Legends continues to dominate the MOBA scene and with it, the most impressive roster of combatants in the genre. 2014 has been a turbulent year for some, while others continue their battle for dominance. Will May see a return of the Champions of yesteryear or will a new challenger take the crown?

Thresh continues to enjoy a surge of popularity as we approach the midway point of 2014. Failing to secure a regular place in 2013’s list the Chain Warden took 2014 by storm with a mid-table finish in 6th place. February saw the deadly Jungler almost disappear completely before making an unexpected comeback last month, securing the 2nd place behind the deadly Master Yi.

Despite her high levels of penetration on the battlefield Caitlyn continues her struggle to penetrate the higher ranks of our top played Champions list, just about managing to stay in the rankings claiming 9th place. It appears 2014 is going to be much of the same for the Sheriff of Piltover as she continues her sporadic attempts at maintaining a position in the top 10.

The recently introduced Heart of the Freljord has wasted no time in stamping his mark on Summoner’s Rift as Braum makes an impressive debut at rank 8. His powerful combination of deadly slow and stunning abilities has made him a worthy foe on the battlefield and he enters May of 2014 as one of the highest assisting Champions on Summoner’s Rift, a staggering 68% higher than average. Braum also boasts one of the highest win to loss ratios of the month at 92,510 wins to 80,162 losses.

Yasuo arrived in League of Legends as one of the most popular debuts to-date, breaking straight into the top 10 and securing 7th place in this first month on the battlefield. February saw a huge surge in his popularity as the Unforgiven managed to secure 2nd place in February. Sadly however it appears his time in the top flight has come to an end as Yasuo fails to break the top 5 for the second consecutive month.

Rapidly approaching his 5th anniversary in League of Legends Jax remains one of the oldest Champions to make an appearance in our top played League of Legends Champions list. The Grandmaster at Arms was all but vacant throughout the start of the year before making a surprising Leap Strike into the top 10 in April, securing his first appearance of the year in 5th place. May saw Jax suffer a small decline in popularity but it goes to show, even the older Champions can still pack a punch.

Despite his dominance throughout 2013 the Wuju Bladesman seems to have fallen out of favor with the League of Legends community in 2014. Just barely surviving in 8th place for January and February Master Yi made a triumphant return to past form with a huge 1st place victory in March and April. What appeared to be a return to former glories was short lived as he just manages to secure a spot in the top 5.

March saw Vayne secure her highest finish of the year in 8th place but last years trend proves true yet again as the Night Hunter vanished from the ranks in April. Making yet another sudden appearance in the top 5 Vayne demonstrates her potential on the battlefield, but will it last? It’s not likely. As we approach the midway point of 2014 Vayne manages only her third appearance of the year.

Nidalee returns to form this month as she secures a 3rd place finish behind two of the most popular Champions League of Legends has ever seen. Her appearance is a constant test of the creativity of the MMOAtk staff but after the bush stalker jokes die down, the Bestial Huntress stands proud in her second top 3 finish of the year.

Much like her personality, the crazy whirlwind that is Jinx is as unpredictable as she is deadly. 2013 saw the Loose Cannon claim the highest debut of any newly released Champion in history but that reign was short-lived as she quickly fell from grace at the end of the year. January appeared to be a return to form for Jinx as she once again secured the top spot but subsequent months saw her drop further down the charts. Things are finally looking up as she manages to maintain a top 3 finish this month, but will it last?

One of the most successful Champions of 2013 continues his reign at the top as the Blink Monk boasts his third top spot finish of the year. Lee Sin destroyed the competition in February and March before suffering a slight drop in popularity with a middle table finish in April. One month on and once again Lee Sin emerges victorious, but can he maintain the form?

The debut of a new challenger on the battlefield, the return to form from last years biggest contenders, and not a single bush joke in sight. May has been an exciting month for League of Legends but June could see an entirely different league of Champions take the spotlight.

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