Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky is a new free online real time strategy game.  Developed by Atlus Online this new flash game is designed to play comfortably within your web browser! In this online RTS, you step into the role of a Lord and immerse yourself in the Continent of Odyssya.

You start this no-download RTS from the perspective of the Empire or Federation. Whether you’re an “Imp” or a “Fed,” your goal is to expand your “Sky Castle,” then bring victory to your nation. Like other flash games, a quick “Tutorial” will teach the basic mechanics as the story progresses. Upon establishing your Sky Castle you will then be involved with territory development, resource collections, and tactfully selected “Level Ups.” To succeed at this no-download RTS, you must take advantage of all these features. As your Sky Castle grows you must then increase your military, including the Lord, Heroes, and soldiers in order to explore Odyssey for treasure!

Playing Knights of the Sky is simple! It only requires mouse clicks and numerical inputs. This MMORTS isn’t designed to challenge your reflexes or sense of rhythm? Just your sense of strategy!

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