Thirst of Night – Defunct

Thirst of Night is an exciting new MMO free real-time strategy game (MMORTS) from Kabam. In the game you’ll build a vampire civilizations in the ashes of the human world, or raise powerful gargoyles to defend your strong bloodline. The game focuses on strategically taking over the other team, and balance of power.

You’ll be able to exterminate foes with your powerful army. You can also play together with a friend to have an alliance to strategically take over the enemy. You’ll have to construct and upgrade a variety of buildings to help your city become more powerful and diversify your resources. Balance in this game is key, just like any other online strategy game, and Thirst of Night’s controls help you to maneuver your army effectively. If you like vampire armies and controlling troops of gargoyles or humans, this will be the game for you. Any MMORTS players will find Thirst of Night an enoyable and fast paced strategy game.

Kabam has shut down Thirst of Night as of January 2014.

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