Kraken Games Prep Science-Fiction MMO Warside For May 5th Launch

Kraken Studios, a Russian based independent development studio, are gearing up for a new release as they announce the May 5th debut of the session-based science-fiction MMO shooter, Warside. The games impending release follows a successful Kickstarter campaign on Steam, seeing the MMO community register their interest with votes that help to increase the games exposure on the Steam platform and eventually, show enough support to warrant a full release on Valve’s digital distribution platform.

Kraken Games’ first Steam shooter will see the MMO community introduced to an innovative mixture of MMO and RPG mechanics amidst a 2.5D shooter delivery that promises endless hours of multiplayer entertainment.

Among other elements, Warside’s most attractive features include:

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  • Both competitive and co-operative modes available supporting 5 different options of combat
  • A flexible progression system allows for creativity and personalization as players progress through the game
  • A complex hybrid of RPG stats and twitch-like gameplay deliver excitement and depth at every turn
  • Tons of weapons, implants and armor combinations rewarding players for their progress in creative ways


Source: Press Release

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