Landmark Adding Teleporters, Flingers and Moving Platforms | SOE Live 2014

Exciting news coming out of Sony Online Entertainment’s SOE Live as it was just revealed that Landmark, the EverQuest Next spinoff sandbox MMORPG, will be getting three new items that will redefine how players move about their claims. Teleporters, flingers and moving platforms will all be added to the game in the giant August 27th update.

Each of the new playable items behave exactly as they sound. Teleporters can be placed in a claim, allowing the player to instantly travel between two points. It’s fast, direct and efficient, making them particularly useful when building vertical structures where one needs to travel up and down frequently.

Flingers serve as something of a catapult, launching the player in whichever direction it’s facing. They are great tools for traversing short to medium sized distances, whether it be vertically or horizontally. Additionally, multiple flingers can be arranged in a series to create a long-distance multi-bounce. 

A brief demo reel for the flingers (shown below) showed off the contraption’s combination potential. In the video, a player activates one flinger and is launched forward to land on another. This continued four to five times, flying back and forth, until he lands safely in a pool of water. It’s an interesting idea and begs for experimentation from users. EverQuest franchise development director, the ever-smiling Dave Georgeson, enthusiastically shared one story in which he set up a sphere of flingers, hopped inside and bounced around uncontrollably until death ensued. Classic Georgeson.

Finally, moving platforms navigate back and forth between two separate points. Much like Wonka’s glass elevator, these platforms can be programmed to travel in any direction, be it up, down, left or right. Moving platforms make for a classy solution to an elevator function or can be used to give something of a guided tour to a claim worth showing off.

The new platforming items: teleporters, flingers and moving platforms, are exciting tools for the player to put to work. They offer an entirely new way to travel about a claim and should inspire some pretty unique builds when they are launched to the public in the August 27th update.

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