Landmark Monsters Teased For Next Month | SOE Live 2014

August 27th is set to bring one of Landmark’s largest updates to date with the arrival of PvP, armor, weapons, platforming tools and mortality. But as Landmark is a continually evolving sandbox MMO, there are many significant changes and additions worth highlighting in the weeks and months following. Perhaps most notably is the near-future addition of PvE to the game’s open world.

At Landmark’s keynote during SOE Live 2014, it was revealed that monsters would soon be invading the expansive terrain, turning the once serene world into an arena. The addition of these monsters will be the players’ first opportunity to team up and take the fight outside of claim territory in order to challenge the dangerous environment. PvE will bring about a whole new level of depth and difficulty to exploring the world and collecting resources as you are no longer an immortal being in a peaceful haven. Learning to properly utilize the game’s action-based combat and taking caution while exploring will be essential so as to not be bested by the dangerous beasts.

A brief demo reel was shown, highlighting the monsters coming in the update. Amongst them were the likes of White and Red Wisps, the jellyfish-like Necrozoa, an explosive Fiery Fungi, and the vicious Chomper. To see all of these monsters and more in action, check out the video, linked below.

No definite release date was given for the update, though they stated they hope to have it live within the coming month. Stay tuned for more.

Landmark Monsters Reveal | SOE Live 2014

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