Latest Destiny Update Ignores Requests For Raid Matchmaking

Bungie today released v1.1.1 update for Destiny that will see players introduced into huge alterations in the way they take on Weekly Heroic Strikes. The patch has been deployed that will see mandatory matchmaking introduced to Heroic Strikes on every level. The update comes as the developers feel the current system did not “demand a cohesive cooperative group”.

Although the matchmaking for Weekly Heroic Strikes is a much welcomed addition to the world of Destiny many of the community have expressed their disappointments over the lack of attention given to the current problems surrounding the games Raid system – mostly the lack of any matchmaking support.

When discussing the lack of matchmaking in Raids Bungie responded with:

[quote cite=”Bungie”]No, but we are keenly aware of the issue. We think good Raid sessions rely on groups of communicative players who are invested in each other, but we know that it’s challenging for many players to find groups for Raids and Nightfall today. We are thinking hard about how we can help make that an easier experience in future releases.[/quote]

Source: Official Website

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