Huge Reveals For Star Citizen On The Horizon

The most successful crowd-source funding campaign in science-fiction MMO history continues to drive the hype train as Roberts Space Industries Chairman promises big things on the horizon for Star Citizen.

Star Citizen has long been a hot topic of discussion among MMO circles following its hugely successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter as Robert Space Industries raised a staggering $75 million. Since then the team have been hard at work introducing single elements of the Star Citizen mechanics and features to the starving community but today’s announcement suggests they could be seeing a much bigger picture in coming weeks.

The Robert Space Industries Chairman didn’t go into exact details but he did hint at upcoming revelations on how the revealed systems and features will join together, with its biggest ever schedule for public releases on the way.

[quote cite=”Robert Space Industries Chairman”]Finally, I know that everyone is expecting me to talk more about Rental Equipment Credits. I took part in the heated discussion over the weekend and one of our priorities this week was clarifying some of the confusion about the system. I don’t have much to add right now, but I do want to stress: we asked for your feedback because we genuinely wanted it. A sincere thank you to everyone who provided that feedback. I’ll stress: we’re going to create a system that’s fun, not one that hurts players. Like everything else in Star Citizen, we will balance and expand our system to that goal once it launches until it meets our vision, and we will not settle for less.

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