Latest ESO AMA Addresses Premium Content Concerns

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online is rapidly approaching and developers Zenimax Online Studios are doing their part to calm pre-launch jitters following the latest Ask Me Anything. ESO Creative Director Paul Sage, Game Director Matt Firor, Nick Konkle Lead Gameplay Designer and Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler were all on hand to answer a variety of questions from the community including everything from the recent change in starting islands, early access and premium micro-transactions.

Since the announcement of The Imperial Edition, in which players are asked to pay extra for an additional Race and access to faction choice, many of the community have expressed their concerns that the item mall could feature similar elements. One individual asked if players should expect to see such features in the item mall and the response was:

Shop: The next items available for purchase are a name change service,
and possibly some vanity pets. We have no timeline for these, so don’t
expect them soon, and there aren’t concrete plans for anything else at
the moment after that.

Tons of other juicy details were revealed including potential new abilities for Vampires and Werewolves, additional features to support the RP community and changes to the starting experience to make it less linear and more enjoyable.

Source: Dulfy

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