Latest Lifeless Patch Addresses Login Issues

The team over at Rigid-Soft Studios today released the latest patch for the increasingly popular zombie survival MMO game Lifeless, addressing a number of technical problems facing players when attempting to log in to the game. The update includes a brand new launcher and a new system that supports the anti-cheat system currently in use – making it much easier for players to update their client and get into the game.

Those that have purchased the game previously should receive an email at some point today providing information on downloading the new client via the official website. The developers have asked players to delete all Lifeless related content from their PC’s so that the new launcher is able to download the correct files for the update.

It is very important that you delete everything you have currently and then run the new
launcher from the download package. The new launcher will take you
through the process of installing the anti-cheat and then you’ll be able
to play Lifeless.

Rigid-Soft Studios have encouraged players to submit a support ticket should they have any problems with the update.

Source: Press Release

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