Sylvanus Arrives In Latest SMITE Update

Hi-Rez Studios today released the latest batch of SMITE patch notes, this week introducing a new God in the form of Sylvanus and the foundations for a brand new matchmaking system. As the Keeper of the Wild,
Sylvanus commands the power of nature from atop a giant tree that he uses to crush his enemies. A variety of powerful abilities provide Sylvanus with high levels of crowd control while other effects from his skills aid allies with increased mana regen, a heal over time and an increase in protections.

More information on Sylvanus’ skills, abilities, lore and potential in battle can be seen in the official God reveal video below:

Another exciting element of this weeks patch is the announcement of a new approach to matchmaking. This recent update has introduced the foundations that the new system will need in order to work, but the complete redesign of the matchmaking system itself will be completed in coming weeks. The impatient players among us will be happy to hear that the timed queuing system for matches will be removed and replaced with a new system that takes a lot more variables into account. A players individual level, experience in SMITE itself, experience in certain game modes and experience with other players in the queue will all make a difference to the outcome of the new matchmaking system.

For more information on a variety of new items, minor changes to God abilities and the new matchmaking system, check out the official patch notes below.

Source: Patch Notes

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