League Of Angels Release Date Revealed

Reality Squared Games (R2 Games) today announced the upcoming release date for the hybrid turn-based fantasy MMO from UZUU, League of Angels. The developers hope to bring a bit of flair to the occasionally dull world of the free browser MMORPG with a unique take on turn-based combat mechanics complete with both PvE and PvP opportunities.

In a similar way to Atlantica Online, players are able to create their own formation of allies as they explore the world recruiting new companions and angels to join their cause. Each character comes complete with their own progression styles, abilities and magical animations. League of Angels will feature two playable classes at launch which may seem a little lackluster but the additional allies more than make up for it.

The story takes place in a fallen world, where Angels that once
brought wisdom and guidance have long ago been cast down, stripped of
their powers and trapped into a dreamless slumber. Refusing to give in
to despair, great heroes known as the Brave arose to fight back and
uncover the secret to re-awakening the Angels. Recruit and train allies,
craft powerful equipment, and seek out Angels to fight side by side to
save the world.

The developers have also announced that a variety of special events will take place during the launch in January, with additional details to follow through Facebook. For more information check out the official website.

Source: R2 Games Press Release

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  1. This game has a lot of publishers,recently I have played at AMZGAME, R2games has a lot of old players. So I canot get the first rank.AMZGAME mostly are all green hands,then I am the number one in S6,who can beat me? I feel cool.

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