League Of Legends Coming To Xbox One?

A user on the NeoGAF forums recently leaked an image that has lead many to believe that the most popular online MOBA game, League of Legends, could be making an appearance on Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox One. The leaked image displayed a number of icons and images for some of the more popular Xbox franchises but the League of Legends logo also made an appearance.

Let me start by saying that there’s a massive chance this is totally fake. The user that posted the leak would not disclose its origins (there’s a surprise), so there’s as much chance of this being official as there is of it being fake. However, Microsoft are always keen to pounce on the next big thing and League of Legends has already proven it has the talents to go all the way in the PC world.

Despite its massive popularity with PC gamers, would League of Legends appeal to today’s console gamers? The MMORTS genre, although different in many ways to that of its MOBA cousin, does share some similarities. The controls, the ability to control the map and micro-management are staple features of both genres but the RTS genre has always had a bigger presence on the PC platform. Would the same apply to a console version of LoL?

I’ve been spouting about the lack of MMO presence on today’s consoles and it would be fitting for Sony and Microsoft to chase down the top free-to-play games, but without any official confirmation this is purely speculation.

What are your thoughts? Could you see League of Legends coming to Xbox One?

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