League of Legends – Pre-Season 3 Patch Overview Video Has Been Released

Riot Games has released a brand new video in order to show off what the upcoming changes will be to League of Legends that will be introduced with the next patch.

There will be a variety of changes in regards to certain items which will allow for a more flexible build on characters. and there will be more items added to give players more of a variety to choose from and more upgrade paths for the later game.

Also, changes will be made to the jungle. The purpose of this is to relieve players of the early game pressure that is put on them. There will be a larger roster of reasonable junglers and open new strategic options that will be available throughout the game. Players will find tougher large monsters in each of the camps and an increased reward for farming the jungle during the preseason.

Not only that, but the preseason will be bringing a lot of change to the masteries. Riot Games plans on improving the Utility master trees which reduces the availability of early game resistance stats which will allow for more interesting options and providing more of a choice in regards to the level of the trees. They will also be giving more variety to the summoner spell selection as well so that each of them will have a specific role to be used for.

If you want specifics on what will be different for the upcoming preseason, check out their patch notes here.

Also, you can look at an overview of what will be changing in the patch with this video:


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