League of Legends: Top Played Champions December 2013

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and with it, the final chance for the roster of Champions to impress in League of Legends. What began as the year of Ezreal and Taric is drawing to a close with the likes of Teemo and Lee Sin leading the popularity charge but can we expect any big changes for December?

10. Caitlyn

The Sheriff of Piltover continues her efforts to penetrate the higher ranks but falls short yet again, struggling to remain in contention for 10th place in December. Caitlyn’s first place finish in April was the highest point of the year for the accessible ADC Champion but with more exciting Champions now available, Caitlyn could potentially disappear next year.

9. Ezreal

Ezreal and Taric totally dominated the start of the year, with the two unlikely enemies constantly fighting for the top spot. Sadly however Taric all but disappeared completely and Ezreal has struggled to even remain in the top 10 at times. December sees yet another disappointing month pass by for the prodigal explorer and Ezreal continues to struggle in 9th place.

8. Jinx

Jinx has had the greatest possible start for a new League of Legends Champion following her hugely impressive debut appearance in 1st place in October, despite only being available to play in-game for half of that month. November saw a repeat performance as Jinx secured 1st place for the second consecutive month but it appears the recent changes may have been too much to handle as the Loose Cannon fizzes away in December.

7. Thresh

One of the youngest challengers to our monthly top 10 League of Legends Champion’s is Thresh, the Chain Warden. Originally becoming the newest Champion to make an appearance – before being overshadowed by Jinx, Thresh has struggled to make any serious impressions on players during 2013. He didn’t make his debut until April and has only appeared 2 more times since that date. Maybe 2014 will be kinder to the deadly support Champion? Only time will tell.


December marks yet another month in which the Lady of Luminosity has failed to breach the top 5. October’s 6th place finish was the highest Lux had seen in a while but the popularity surge was brief as she struggles to impact the more popular Champions as the year draws to a close. A shining light in mid-lane appears to be dimming as Lux fails to improve on her early-year performances.

5. Ashe

The Frost Archer was yet another Champion that failed to impress at the start of the year, having to wait until May before earning her debut rank. However, she did make history becoming the very first 2013 debut Champion to achieve the coveted top spot. Since that time Ashe has bounced around the lower rankings before just barely avoiding the cut last month with a 10th place finish.

4. Master Yi

Following a weak start to the year Master Yi finished strong following massive victories in August and September. He also holds one of the biggest margins for victory with his 250,00 match cushion against 2nd place in August. The devastating power of the “New Yi” Master Yi may have been remedied somewhat but that hasn’t stopped his fans locking him in time and time again.

3. Nasus

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, appears out of nowhere and claims December’s 3rd place as his debut appearance. Nasus has not been seen in the top 10 since last year and with expected nerfs incoming, he could disappear for just as long again. Current tests on the PBE server have shown that Wither and his ultimate ability will be victim to changes with the next update, but will that be enough to stump the sudden increase in popularity?

2. Lee Sin

Lee Sin has been one of the most regularly featured Champions since we began recording in January. He’s made an appearance every month since the start of the year but December marks a first for The Blind Monk as he’s finally been able to trump he’s previous best finish of 3rd place. Last month saw a rather sudden drop in popularity as Lee Sin just barely managed to stay in the top 10 with a lowly 8th place finish.

1. Teemo

Teemo continues to be one of the most popular Champions since his debut to our top played lists in May. Since that time the famous Yordle has managed to secure a spot in the top 10 each and every week, fighting for a place among the top 5 besides the likes of Jinx and Lee Sin. Despite a release back at the start of 2009, Teemo hasn’t gone through massive mechanics changes in some time, offering a deadly yet familiar Champion for the league community.

Well, that wraps up yet another hugely successful year for the multi-award winning MOBA title from Riot Games. Will we any big shifts in popularity for next year with Riot’s constant efforts to improve older Champions?

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